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How To Pickup Strippers At A Strip Club

How to pickup strippers is one of those questions some guys can fixate on for years without ever taking action.

And it's easy to see why...

Personally, I like going to strip clubs with extremely hot strippers. And that's kind of the problem, the strippers are SO attractive and SO sexy that they can make a guy feel pretty damn flustered!

Most men aren't used to talking to half-naked nineteen year old girls with banging bodies. Ecspecially when those girls are offering private lap dances in the backroom and so forth...

Then add to this the fact that we've all been told over and over again how strippers are some of the hardest women to pick up.

It's no wonder most guys don't even try. That's some serious negative conditioning right there...

But, the truth is, if you have any game WHATSOEVER, then you can pick up strippers the same as you could with any other chick out there!

You just need to look at picking up strippers differently than the other 99% of guys who walk into a strip club wishing that they could bang the dancers!

You can't just walk into a strip club, spout some pick-up lines, and expect that you'll be able to start getting phone numbers right and left.

You've got to have some tactics for macking on strippers, that all.

Pick Up Strippers like a Mack!

When you go to a gentlemen's club to pickup strippers, you've got to have the right mentality about it.

You've got believe that it's doable, and you've got to express the right type of attitude to the dancers and be smooth with them.

If you can do that, then you can pick them up.

For me, the key to understanding how to pick up strippers was when I stumbled upon The Secret's of Strip Club Seduction by Dean Cortez.

This book is the holy grail when it comes to picking up and banging strippers!

The thing that makes this book absolutely awesome (other than the fact that it teaches you how to pick up strippers) is that the author is just a regular guy.

A guy who loves strippers and has mastered the art of of dating all the hottest strippers in Vegas, and all over the world.

Yep, he's an international stripper master mind!

Now usually I'm skeptical about these pickup artist types. But the first time I heard an interview with Dean, I could tell immediately that he knows his shit when it comes to picking up strippers.

Dean relates one real life scenario after another, explaining exactly how he got started picking up exotic dancers in Las Vegas.

Dean explains how strippers think about there customers, and those "special customers" that they go home, free of charge.

This has helped me to stand out to strippers, and get them to see me as more than just a walking talking ATM machine.

In fact, by applying just a few of Dean's tactics I now have strippers appraoching me differently right off the bat whenever I go to a strip club! And let me tell you: It feels freaking awesome!

Dean also breaks down exactly what to talk to the girls about, the most productive times to go to stripclubs, how to pickup strippers without doling out a ton of cash, and even how to maintain a relationship with a hot stripper girlfriend or three.

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